This section covers my recent endeavours, business development, journalism, communication concepts and design.

An ongoing project is Stratoflight, encompassing a four year preparation for this major space challenge led by a french pilot. I created the logos and communication tools for sponsors.

Another project centered around renewed visibility for a Vitamin C brand across social media, aiming for customers outreach.

The Lerici adventure is a music festival started in 2018, it intends to become an integral part of the international classical music festival calendar with a concentration on the development of young artists and fostering the development of Lerici as a major artistic tourist attraction. I developed a sponsors brochure and a gif video for social media promotion.

I created an Internal Communications video for Grosvenor Estate to promote an internal software and give the employees an awareness heads-up. Using playful concepts and strategic deadlines, I incorporated the timeline in a story telling fashion.

I partnered as business developer for INCIPIT, a long-short futures fund, leveraging on data-driven science, finding patterns to switch dynamically between long and short in fixed income, equity, commodity and foreign exchange futures. It provided an interesting challenge to tell and illustrate complex concepts in a simple fashion.

Journalism was motivated by writing for a hometown magazine, including striking news about the Art, Design and Architecture world in London. My Photographs were used in various articles in Lebanese Deco Magazine, Femme Magazine, L’orient le Jour and Croatian Jutarnji and Gloria)