Rod Stewart – Just giving

As I am waiting for the interview to finish, and start taking my photos, I cannot help but peak at the star re-enacting his knighting at Buckingham palace a year earlier. He stands up and stages the action, expressing the rehearsed measured steps, the counting, the angles and the final stop. He is a little boy and his enthusiasm is intact. Yet he displays this touching distance to the star that makes him truly special, he is not the star, he just happens to be in their shoes. When asked about the simple moments he enjoys, he cheekily mentions a regular comment to the family, when washing the dishes for example, “Elton John wouldn’t do this”, and he laughs it off.

Interviews are flashing left right and center, he is in the middle of a tour promotion, and he gives it all in simple fashion. He is even helping some journalists by firing off first, offering a lead into his favourite subject, football, in case they don’t have the material to kick off. He is generous of his time and his persona.

Comes my photoshoot, I refer to my favourite image on his web site because it captures a genuine look I’ve not seen before and it’s been shot by his wife Penny. Rod immediately wants to share with Penny and calls her in to hear it !

After this, we were on cloud nine…Rod stewart






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